July 21, 2009

Suddin Lappo's solo at Pace

This is Suddin Lappo’s much anticipated first solo. He is an extraordinary talented artist and part of the dikalajingga art group, which has five members including him.

The whole body of work is centred on the traditional use of the human figure as subject matter. His use of paint is loosely applied washes of thinly layered light greys, greens, oranges and umbers covering large areas that overlap, dripping over other layers of paint that sit on the canvas flatly.

The sole figure in each work, whether partially exposed, from the side of the canvas or as a full figure sitting in the middle of the painting are built up with bold fast strokes of flesh colour of no more than three tones and sit comfortably against the coats of pastel coloured landcapes of paint that often than not drip spontaneously over the figure fusing the painting together, background and foreground entwined.

The show is open to the public from 23rd July until 2nd August at Pace gallery



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