July 14, 2009

Move It or Lose It

Justin Lim
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
2009, Acylic on Canvas

I tried to go see with some intent to buy from the Fab 4 show featuring Justin Lim, Wong Chee Meng, Fauzulyusri and Samsudin Wahab @ Taksu today and somehow got the dates wrong in my head ~need to seriously start writing things down. Missed that boat! All of Fazul, Justin & Shamsudin's awesomely quirky, edgy & very contemporary pieces were completely snapped up! Shamsudin's weren't even there anymore... this was the one time I wished the staff anywhere were less efficient! I'm so mad at myself right now. The upside? Art flying off the walls like hot-cakes despite supposed trying economic times... What recession?



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