June 21, 2009

Where Are the Art Critics?

Fans or Critics?

A professional art critic specializes in evaluating art usually in published reviews to enhance the appreciation of art through a good eye for art and art history knowledge.
In the U.S and Europe there have been of heated debates concerning the loss of relevance and authority of art critics. Today's critics seem to be nothing more than spectators or reporters from the sidelines as the art world unfolds before them.

In Malaysia who has ever had any such influence on our art to begin with? There are no Jerry Saltzs to speak of... Is the value of our art influenced by opinions of individuals who have a direct interest in the market? Do public discourse concerning local art and culture play any part in the development of the market? Or are they just there as a support system for an elitist club?


Anonymous said...

we're too polite so we can't say what we really mean

ARTERI said...

Situations are different everywhere. Each scene/context has its own challenges. One of the reasons why art criticism in Malaysia is 1. seen as an exclusive club, 2. not very widespread, is also a question of language. How can you have one critic reach out across divides to form opinions when we can't even decide as a country how we want to communicate to each other on a day-to-day basis?

I say pooh pooh to art criticism at this stage and just accept the fact that we have alot of community building to do before an art infrastructure emerges that can give birth to/support the existence of a Jerry Saltz or Susan Sontag.

farouk said...

"Or are they just there as a support system for an elitist club?"

interesting observation on our art critics.Art critics will only come about with the realisation of the concept of integrity rather than the concept of constantly writing about friends and associates.

psst! said...

Or mean what we say

Anonymous said...

If there are art criticts or not, be it a good or bad bunch; isn't really the primary problem. There just isn't enough interest in the sector. These days, it's what Najib and gang or Anwar's side doing. Or if the stock market is going to crash again, if one can make good speculations in real estate or even; if I'm about to loose my job.If only we could make the art sector interesting enough to attract the new. The older art lovers are a funny bunch. They are al, always right! If or not they are saying they don't like a certain art piece....I question the reasons. Sorry to say. Most of the time they cannot afford them or because some of their friends tell them it's bad. Art writers often cover up by using funny English. What I think will attract them is if they can make money from it. I suggest everyone should start looking at it from an investment point of view. We must have all the necessary. Ie: good and easy ways to purchase. Good and easy to understand documentation. Good and easy way to resell. And the last one is the most important part. I understand, they are already good secondary outlets available and we need to explore it. you do not need a high and mighty art diploma to enjoy or invest in art. All the necessary information is on the net or available at rm30 a year from the local library. that is what i think. Dr E

Nothing Profound said...

Critics can only offer their opinion about a work of art. It may be an educated opinion, but just an opinion nonetheless, worth no more or less than anyone else's.

-whatsart- said...

Now more than ever we NEED critics ... There's so much out there; hyped up and all very confusing but there's also great stuff out there that deserves recognition. Immerse, Engage & help create art history!


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