June 30, 2009

A Touch of Gold: J-Cent Mu Solo

Malaysian self taught artist, J-Cent Mu, an ex-interior design specialist's unmistakable style is expressed with 2D and 3D relief mixed media artwork achieved by molding polyester resin and fiberglass for texture before applying acrylic paint, followed by water to achieve incredible fluidity in color composition.
~It really is quite an unique medium!

Motivated by his ‘Malaysian-ness’ and drawing inspiration from nature, J-Cent creates moods by capturing the beauty and tranquility of the natural world on his canvas.

A Touch of Gold
series was discovered by accident. Through experiment, J-Cent found the colour gold to be especially captivating. In deciding to explore the aesthetic possibilities of the colour gold, A Touch of Gold was born,
denoting to some extent, the culmination of J-Cent’s work coming full circle yet holds room for infinite possibilities.

Both J-Cent's previous series ‘koi’ and ‘geometric’ have come to be valued by many and are now sought after by both individual collectors as well as corporations.

A Touch of Gold solo exhibition is going on at WL Fine Arts.

WL Fine Arts
94, Jalan Chantek (Off Jln Gasing), PJ
26th June - 26th July 2009
03 7958 1848
9am - 7pm



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