January 28, 2009

Invest in Art -Reason #3: Capital Appreciation

Art investment may benefits investors interested in long-term growth at a higher rate than inflation and outperform the stock market (especially in current economic conditions).

This upward trend is rationalized by globalization, rising incomes and increased access to information (equaling better art market transparency), helping to raise demand of art. Supply to this increasing demand has not been fully met due to a falling supply of top quality art that cannot be produced at will.

An added plus for Tax evaders: -Seeking capital gains rather than income? Art can be written-off as an expense.


Anonymous said...

would love to find out if there's tax exemption for investing in local and foreign art from the ministry.

-whatsart- said...

Not currently unless the proceeds go to charity. But if acquired by a company it can be written off as an expense which is even better!


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