January 2, 2009

What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary just means art that is being created during our lifetime -i.e.; contemporary to us. Contrary to general perception, Contemporary and Modern art are not the same.

The difference?
Modern Art: Impressionist Art from around 1880 up until 1960-70's.
Contemporary Art: Art from the 60's or 70's 'til now.

There has some overlapping between Contemporary and Modern art at some point, some 30 years ago (your granny will confirm this). 1970 is a fair cut-off point for modern art though, because it was around then that the term "Postmodern" came into being. 1970 was also the last of easily classified artistic movements.

Although, contemporary art has more working artists (making helluva more art). Contemporary artists "movements" cannot be classified. It's hard to classify (on-going) emerging movements, Contemporary art is definitely more socially conscious than any previous era, exploring all kinds of issues from multiculturalism, disease awareness to socio-political commentary as subject matter. Then again, maybe it's just harder to define things these days... sigh!



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