November 18, 2008

T.V.I.M. -Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia

Chatchawan Rodklongtan

Abu Zaki Hadri

Organized by the artist group Seringgit and held at Jogja Gallery, a major exhibition of works of art originating from countries in Southeast Asia introduced Indonesia to it's neighbours through visual art. The aim of the exhibition was to connect young artists from each participating country and help develop contemporary art and strengthen ties within the region.

The main works featured were oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. Modernist aesthetics seemed to be the dominant theme, while issues from personality, society, politics, to religious matters were explored in the works. It was interesting to get a glimpse of various public discourses relevant to the different countries from this archipelago.

According to the organizers, the choice of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia was, a conscious because it reflects the current strongholds of contemporary Southeast Asian art. (Thanks for the of validation!)

Artists: Anggar Prasetya, Laksmi Sitharesmi, I Wayan Cahya, Jono, Hardiana, Buniyal Abroru, Valentinus Rommy, Eddy Sulistyo, Kukuh Nuswantoro, Hadi Soesanto, Nurkholis, Ekasit Jirattikanon, Chatchawan Rodklongtan, Tanasade Silaapiwon, Jack Ting, Abu Zaki Hadri, Bee Ng, Muichii Ting, Ngoc Phuong Nguyen, Tran Cuong Nguyen, Thanh Son Nguyen, Tinh Do Xuan, Xuan Tiep Nguyen, Anh Tuan Dang



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