November 17, 2008

Rogue Art Debuts with Zakii Sell Out Show

Art it girls; Beverly Yong, Rachel Ng and Adeline Ooi have left Valentine Willie and taken their skills, contacts and experience in Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art to form RogueArt, an art consultancy group specialising in the creative, strategic and organisational management of art projects, exhibitions, collections and publications.

Rogue Art's anticipated maiden show was no let-down... Gimme Shelter, a special (pre-sold at RM12K a piece!) fundraising exhibition featured twelve portrait drawings by the renowned Johore-born Ahmad Zakii Anwar organized in aid of Intan LIfe Zone Welfare Society in Johor Bahru. Full proceeds from the sale went to building an after-care centre for former residents to provide basic skills training and support to help residents re-integrate into society. Ahmad Zakii Anwar is the co-founder and head of this welfare society.

The exhibition featured works in charcoal on paper, portraying residents currently undergoing Life Zone’s shelter programme.

-I think the girls will do very well on their own.



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