October 21, 2008


The commonly mis-pronounced term Biennale (pronounced as Bian-nah-lay) is commonly used in the context of major repeating art exhibitions.

means "every other year" in Italian is commonly used within the art world to describe an international exhibition event of contemporary art probably because the first ever International Art Exhibition in history was the Venice Biennale.

Major biennales close to our side of the globe are:

Singapore Biennale
11 September - 16 November 2008

Taipei Biennial
13 September 2008 - 1 January 2009

Gwangju Biennale
5 September - 9 November 9 2008

Yokohama Triennale

13 September - 30 November 2008

Shanghai Biennale
9 September - 16November 2008

Biennale of Sydney
Just Over

Interesting to note that almost all of them are going on right now!



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