October 20, 2008

Catching Up

Kinabalu Series: Huminodun
Picture Source -Christie's

When it comes to Southeast Asian art at international auctions, Malaysian works seem to lag behind those of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. But recent auction figures at three major sales in Hong Kong -- i.e. Sotheby’s in April 2008 as well as Christie’s in Nov 2007 and May 2008 -- suggest that contemporary Malaysian art is catching up.

Examples of Malaysian artists whose works sold relatively well, included:

· Ahmad Zakii Anwar (HK$427,400 / RM179,891; Nov 2007)

· Latiff Mohidin (HK$391,500 / RM164,781; Nov 2007)

· Jailani Abu Hassan (HK$391,500 / RM164,781; Nov 2007)

· Yee I-Lann (HK$295,500 / RM124,170; May 2008)

· Chang Fee Ming (HK$137,500 / RM57,850; Nov 2007)

· Ivan Lam (HK$125,000 / RM52,524; May 2008)

But such Malaysian works are “cheap” compared to contemporary works by other regional artists, as shown below. However, works by top Malaysian artists like Latiff Mohidin and Datuk Ibrahim Hussein sell at a much higher price domestically than at international auctions, as yet.

Source -Southeast Asian Art At Auctions by Johnni Wong, The Star Online

3 Buses
Picture Source -artlease



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