July 6, 2009

iPhone Apps for Art Lovers

Here's how awesome it can get when art & technology collide that i almost want to take back all my anti-iPhone rants for the past 2 years so I can engage in the following apps. Or... maybe I just won't use it as a phone.

Art Envi, the #1 paid app in the Japanese App Store turns your iPhone into a giant art gallery, with collections from the world's best artists, giving you easy, full-screen access to thousands of Web-based masterpieces, indexed by artist with multi-touch controls, in automated slide shows.

The National Gallery in London has a similar app called Love Art which is a tour of about 250 art treasures at the museum that "will take you on an incredible journey into art" with videos, audio commentary, zoomable high-resolution image galleries, and theme tours. Best of all it's FREE!!!

Last month, The New Yorker had a cover made on the iPhone Brushes app in under one hour by artist Jorge Colombo. Artists and iPhone and iPod Touch users are now producing paintings on their hand-held devices! These images are created using an application called Brushes for iPhones -freehand using fingers and thumbs. A zoom feature lets you do detailed work and an undo feature lets you correct any mistakes. The app also records brush strokes and replays your paintings like a movie. Brushes also has a Twitter account and a flikr group where artists share their creations.



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