June 1, 2009

Public Display of Personal Effects

Of all the lies Bush Sr. has told with I'm gonna have to pick on this one:
'We are not the sum of our possessions'. Because we are!

Personal Effects... Belongings... Possessions... Stuff. - Our selves, our identities are very much tied to the objects we own. They say as much about who we are (if not more sometimes) as our speech and actions.

Last night, local artists, designers, writers and film-makers gave us an intimate peek into their lives, minds, selves by breaking down their favorite thing for us at the Rogue Art Personal Effects show. Clothing, toys, keys and other knick-knacks made memorable memorabilia, setting the tone for an eclectic crowd, great conversation, and a swooning damsel side-show to make one helluva opening night.

True to their nature, Rogue Art's efferts struck up many a conversations that broke aesthetic appreciation barriers by appealing to the collectors/voyeurs/kepohs in all of us in this cleverly put together show. You really don't have to be an art lover to relate to this stuff.

Yee I-Lan & Joe Kidd's rockin' silk-screened Baju Melayus

"I want THIS!!!" -Chris loved Seksan/Ah Fong's seksi Rabbit Chair

Jai's rather neat Cabinet

Huzir's father's intimidating shoes

Chang Yoong Chia's toy conjured shadow

Su-Ann's Postcard Collection

30 May to 13 June 2009

at No. 19 Jalan Berangan
Kuala Lumpur 50200

(Behind Changkat Bukit Bintang)

Participating artists and designers:

Ahmad Fuad Osman
Ahmad Zakii Anwar
Anurendra Jegadeva
Askandar Unglehrt
Chang Yoong Chia
Chuah Chong Yong
Claire Wong & Huzir Sulaiman
Hasnul Jamal Saidon
Hayati Mokhtar
Imaya Wong
Jalaini Abu Hassan
Jaslena Amir
Joe Kidd & Yee I-Lann
Liew Kwai Fei
Lim Oon Soon
Nazim Esa
Ng Seksan
Nur Hanim Khairuddin
Rina Matsui
Roslisham Ismail (Ise)
Sharaad Kuttan
Sharon Chin
Su-Ann Wong
Vincent Leong
Wong Hoy Cheong
Wong Perng Fey
Yap Sau Bin

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lilly said...

Looks interesting. Is the art for sale?


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