April 19, 2009

Portrait : Eng Tay

Since there is currently a retrospective show of his work going on at Petronas Gallery is now, we figured it apt to do his profile. The show curated by Ooi Kok Chuen, is the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist ever, assembling a selection of prints, paintings in oil and acrylic, sculptures both life-sized and marquettes, including hand-painted ceramic works. Eng Tay - The Exhibition is going on now until 17th May, 2009. A catalog of the show is available for purchase.

Eng Tay is among the few Malaysian artists to be celebrated locally while having made it overseas, in New York the epi-center of art in the US no less. Born in Kedah in 1947 he to New York City to study Fine Arts at the Art Students League in the late 60s and graduated as graphic designer at School of Visual Arts where he studied graphic design, painting and printmaking.

Eng Tay is famous for his paintings and (limited edition etchings) that tell stories of love, togetherness and camaraderie with round Gauguin-like couples embracing, music-making, dance and family intimacy. These tender moments create a warm feel-good mood whether hanging in a gallery space or your living room.

Eng Tay employs a multi-plate process in his etchings that is enriched by the a-lo-poupee technique. A technically complex process
is hand painted and rubbed, burnished, blending a quiet play of color, tonalities, decorative motifs in perfect harmony.

Since his goal is to create simple poetry, his images are not pretentious or ornate, but a poetic language that is freely accessible that leave a lasting impressions of people in action and poetry in motion.

In his own words: "As I evolve I find myself less interested in th
e refined and the complex, and more and more drawn to expressing myself as simply as possible – which translates into a simplicity of form and an affinity with a more earthy feel. As I explore this direction I would like my work to become more and more universal and to be able to touch and reach as many others as possible; and I would wish that the boundaries between us can become fewer and fewer.”

Eng Tay still lives in New York City with his wife and 2 children. He continues to paint, sculpt and make etchings at his TriBeCa studio.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
JRS Fine Prints, Providence, RI
Galeria Citra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Portfolio Graphics, Montclair, NJ
Gallery '90, London, England
Renjeau Galleries, Boston, MA
Daruma Galleries, Cedarhurst, NY
Renaissance Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
Howard Scott Gallery, Miami, FL
Solomon Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ
Parkshore Gallery, Naples, FL
Premier Gallery (host) Fredricksburg, VA
Portfolio Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
Ginger Gallery, Bristol, UK
John Sewell Fine Art, Birmingham, UK
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, Malaysia
JRS Fine Prints, Providence, RI
The Empress Place, Singapore
The Bell Gallery, Memphis, TN
Crown Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
GaleriCitra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Howard Salon, Taipei, Taiwan
Fukuyama Museum of Art, Hiroshima, Japan
"Asian Sculpture" exhibition 163 Mercer Street Gallery, New York, NY
FrameShop Gallery, New Haven, CT
Sapo Gallery, Taiwan
The Bell Gallery, Memphis & Michigan
Exhibiton of Sculpture Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
Crown Arts Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, Malaysia.
Morningside Gallery, Albany, NY
JRS Fine Art, Providence, RI
Jennifer Gallery, Avon, CT
Malaysian Arts Exhibition, New York, NY
New World Art Center, New York, NY
Pacific Artists in NY
ArtFolio, Singapore
GaleriCitra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Multiple Impressions, New York City, NY
Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong
Renjeau Galleries, Boston, MA
Artworks Gallery, Worcester, MA
Gallery 7, Danbury, CT
Sheryl Leonard Gallery, Potomac, MD
Big Pagoda, San Francisco, CA
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Renjeau Galleries, Natick, MA
TRA Art group, Troy, MI
Artfolio, Singapore
Morningside Gallery, Albany, NY
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
P & C Art, Fairfax, VA
Gallery 44, Ellicot City, MD
The Air Gallery, London, UK
Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Galerie Du Monde, Hong Kong
Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT
Galerie West, West Hampton Beach, NY
Multiple Impressions, New York, NY
Canna Gallery, Indonesia
Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT
Galeri Citra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Galeri DuMonde, Hong Kong, China
Multiple Impressions, New York City, NY
Artfolio , Singapore
Galerie Sono, South Norwalk, CT
Kiaraville, KL, Malaysia
Bidadari Gallery, Bali
Canna Gallery, Indonesia
Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ
Kiaraville, KL, Malaysia
The Harrison Gallry, MA
Westville Gallery, CT
Artfolio Gallery, Singapore
Art Salon @ Seni, KL, Malaysia

The Gallery@Starhill, KL, Malaysia
KL Pac
, KL, Malaysia


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