December 15, 2008

Here & Now: 12th-26th December

Ahmad Shukri - Demi Masa 3
Mixed Media On Canvas, 2008
184cm x 244cm

Pace Gallery is hosting Here and Now, a 2-week long art exhibition featuring recent works of 16 prominent Malaysian artists namely Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Ahmad Shukri, Rajinder Singh, Hamidi Hadi, Yusof Majid, and others.

As a philanthropic platform for the gallery and the artists, part of proceeds from the paintings sale will be given to the Force of Nature Aid Foundation.

Ahmad Zakii Anwar - Robert
Charcoal On Paper, 2008
102cm x 153cm


Bhing said...

Great artwork.. I am really amazed people with such good talents..

Anonymous said...

this was a fantastic show. Such well thought out pieces


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