November 25, 2008


During my years at chelsea school of art my tutor once said to me "without question, there would be no art." Do we have to question what we are looking at for something to be in the 'art' category? Or is experiencing for oneself the instant aesthetic appeal of an object hanging or sitting in a neutral space, ie: a gallery enough to render it as art?


art student said...

Yes. In general and also in context to this blog that is a reality. Art like design is very much a commodity and galleries are the industry marketplace and showrooms for this

Like it or not, art collectors buy art to elevate their status in society that's why a piece of art on the street, does not hold the same value

That is why there exists formal art education

psst! said...

Artwork is the product of the imagination of its creator which I imagine represents some thought process that should in turn stimulate some kind of cognitive response from it's audience. I guess you can call that a 'question'.

-whatsart- said...

"Art is a science and science is an art."

~Leonardo Da Vinci~


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