October 18, 2008

Why Malaysian Art?

Seated Figure 6
Ahmad Zakii Anwar

Contemporary Southeast Asian artists are becoming an increasingly sought-after group in today’s market and once again the region’s key painters such as I Nyoman Masriadi and Ahmad Zakii Anwar and others are represented by strong works. -artdaily.com

Investing in a good art piece may be as good if not better than buying gold especially in these uncertain economic times. Southeast Asian art has just started taking off globally and good Malaysian art is at this moment, the lowest priced in the region. But not for long... So if you're a collector, an investor or are thinking about becoming one of these things, get in on the action already! But please do a little research first...

Close to 80% of 22 lots of Asian and Southeast Asian artworks were sold at a recent Amsterdam auction, most of them by up-and-coming artists from this region. 40% went to European collectors, proving a rising interest in contemporary new and emerging Asian and Southeast Asian artists. Highest bids were for Ahmad Zakii Anwar's Seated Figure 6
and Chang Fee Ming’s “September 27th” at €13,750 each at the auction jointly organised by Asian Based Larasati Auctioneers & Amsterdam Auctioneers Glerum.

Globally, the primary art market (artists-to-gallery) is presently healthier than the secondary (resale) market because primary prices haven't reached the degree of auctions and are also less prone to speculation. Having said that Malaysia's secondary art market is still relatively young and has yet to hit its real peak at which point many genuine collectors get priced out. For the same reasons, we can expect to find more experimental, political, profound and honest work rather than mere novel trinkets for billionaires who don't know what else to do with their money.


Anonymous said...

you really don't have to be an expert to invest in good art that will bring you returns in the future...but you certainly have to do some research or get a good teacher. like the stock market, simple rule is...buy what the big boys are buying.

psst! said...

Mmmm... maybe my next post should be about who the big boys are. Thanks for the idea.


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